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Safe Dirt Training is a range of driver training specifically designed to address the risks of driving on unsealed or off-road environments in 4WD vehicles.

We have over 15 years experience with 4WD training, 4wd launches, 4wd tyre testing and mine site training across Asia-Pacific region.

Accredited vs. Standard Training

Accredited does not necessarily mean better, it means the training is delivered to a competency standard. Industry bodies like Resources, Transport and Logistics or

Sport and Recreation develop training packages to meet their industry needs. Therefore driver training in 4x4 challenge target drivers from listed organization

  1. Mining/Gas Industry: used to ensure minimum standards for workers/subcontractors
  2. Recreational: members of the public that own 4WD vehicles
  3. Company Fleet: organizations that use 4WD's for work (i.e. forestry, building contractors)